A poem thingy, which I'll turn into a song one day :D


Verse 1-Please take the knife from your wrist,

Though I've heard you love the kiss

Of cold steel on warm blood.

But you know what this will do,

Edging me away from you.

It's not worth it, my love.


Bridge-Talk to me.

I could make it better.

Talk to me.

Just one word.


Oh darling, please be brave,

I'll be your razorblade.

Not who you want to be?

Take, take it out on me!

I'm so tired of this fight.

I'll be you blade tonight.

Verse 2- Please come with me on this one,

Never know, it might be fun.

We can get through this night.

Please just say it, 'cause I know,

That this isn't just for show,

Admit it- I don't bite.

Bridge- Talk to me.

I could make it better.

Talk to me.

Just three words.

Rep. Chorus x2

Variation- Oh, darling, don't be brave,

Cause I'm your razorblade.

There is no need to be,

Now you know you've got me.

We might get through this night.

(If you'll let me)

I'll be your blade tonight.

Fade- Take, take it out on me. All that you want to be. Take, take it out on me. Cause I'm your razorblade.


The End

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