My rants about stuff.

 People seem to think small about life and ignore what's really important in the end. That you really only get one chance to enjoy it. Why not reach for the sky and aim for the sun? Why not achieve your dreams? In the end what have you really got to loose. Money? Power? A sense of belonging? No.  Those things simply don't matter. Your life should be about what you want, the mark you want to leave on the world.

 Take advantage of the freedom of choice you have and go for what you want. It's necessary to be happy, that your dreams be fulfilled. Never let someone tell you who you should be, you will be forever unhappy with that decision.

When you say cruel things to others it hurts them. Sometimes you need to stop and think about what you say. If effects people, in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. It create a feeling in us all that seems to worsen as time goes on. It makes us simply feel terrible about ourselves.  That feeling grows in most until we express our feelings into doing similar things to others and the cycle countinues. It's like when someone bullies someone so much they become the bully later in life.  It's a vicious cycle. That needs to stop. That I wish would stop.

When we adjust ourselves to society we loose who we are. We loose what makes us who we are.  We become something that is not ourselves. We cannot face ourselves in mirrors because we cannot stand what we see. We are not who we want to be.


The End

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