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Throughout my life; I’ve stored up thousands of “why” questions, telling myself “I’ll find an answer” one day. Each is stored in an old bottle to keep it safe through the years; and they’re all in neat little rows on a dusty shelf in a dark corner of my mind.

Some of them are “why’s” that brought pain into my life; like a thousand little cuts without clear reasons for why they appear and why they hurt.

Some are true mysteries stored there on that rickety old shelf just waiting for the day when someone much more clever than I finds and publishes an answer or a new theory. Once I run across one of these epiphanies, and like the fool I am, I run straight to my little dark corner, pull the chain to switch on the single light bulb in the place; and as the light sways crazily back and forth, I eagerly blow the dust off of bottle after bottle searching for the one containing the “why?” that corresponds to the bit of information I’ve just learned. “So that’s why!”  I say to myself in complete amazement. It makes me incredibly happy when I’m able to solve one of these.

 One of the more repetitive “why” questions I’ve had over the last several decades has been “Why do we need money in this world and what can we replace it with?”  In a nutshell, my belief is that we need a new system. We need a new way of earning something that gives us something that we can spend to get other something’s that we need to survive and thrive in life.

I get the concept of money. I’ve lived with it all my life; these pieces of metal and paper with pictures on them. I get it. I can noodle why they are here. Long ago, man discovered that he or she had something that others wanted or needed for whatever reasons. They were willing to give something they had for the something I have to offer. That all evolved into units of value aligned to units of work. The units of my day and my efforts at what I do were assigned a value and that value could be defined and compensated with pieces of coin or bills.

Over time, things have evolved to the point that the vast majority of mankind spends more than half their waking lifetimes taking orders from others in order to earn promissory notes; almost 2/3 of which are taken through direct taxes, forced purchases, &c, with a threat of intimidation and incarceration if one does not.  We are patronized to exchange the work of our lives for bits of paper and coin that enable the continuation of an artificial debt based construct that we call “the economy.”

From the earliest and tenderest of ages our children and their children have been educated that a “good” and “productive” citizen is puritanically regimented: We must get educated, go to work for someone else, get married, have children watch and participate in media, obey the law, pay “the state” taxes, save for old age, retire and die. All the while, throughout our entire lives, we pay for and are brainwashed to support this system even to the point of “death for our country” or “paying the ultimate sacrifice”. Millions of cruel deaths have occurred through force of arms to get people to line up in specific ways to save (prevent the loss of) or make (store up additional archived amounts/volumes of) money for others. This concept of “ownership” and “entitlement” must be swept aside and let go of; as things that no longer serve us as free spirits.

For a variety of reasons; we cannot sustain this system going forward. It has specific drawbacks with regard to our creative and spiritual evolution and substantial inequities. Addressing these will require systemic changes so considerable that it requires a new system. Forget about communism vs. capitalism - this is a bigger issue. 

It’s time for the next evolutionary step. Unlike evolutionary steps in the distant past that just occurred in the fullness of time; mankind has now progressed to the point where we can now take the next step consciously ourselves; out of our intelligence and compassion. That is what all of the previous generations of ancestors have given us and what we as a species have been striving for. Doing anything less means we have wasted the lives of those who came before us and who through their labors and sufferings laid the foundation for this event.  

The question now is – what is the alternative to money? 

-- What solution and system can we as a species envision so that we do not continually envy and kill ourselves or waste our lives over something that has a perceived but not a real “value”?

-- How can we store up spiritual value and love instead of these metal and paper items?  Why do we have to be assigned debit points on some electronic card that we can then spend?  Isn't there some other way to do this? Just asking the question means that an answer lies just over the horizon... 

The discussion starts with you and your commitment to the future. Keep this topic at the forefront with your leaders, your spiritual advisors, your educators, your scientists and your families. Don’t let it go and help to solve it. The future of your children and their children depend upon it.

The End

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