Rant Your Heart OutMature

This is for anyone to use. Whether its a big issue that been bothering you for years, or something minute that's just tipped the scales of an already bad day.
You will not be judged here, everyone's been through something.

I find it funny that when we're young children we're expected to ask why. “Why should we do this or that?”. Pretty simple stuff. Then when we hit adolescence it mostly made out like we're being uncooperative. Suddenly we're not allowed to be curious about stuff. And then you're not a kid or a teenager. And there's no reason you can't ask yourself why for a lot of stuff. But to me, Why is one of the worst words out there.

Because you start asking yourself why for one bad thing in your life, and it so easily spirals out of control. Until you're asking why some of the worst thing in your past happened. Why did it have to be you? Why did you have to deal with the aftermath and the shittiness? And I do, I take it day in and day out. I shrug it off, reminding myself that sometimes life sucks. Some of us get a worse hand than others. Its just the way it is.

I just mostly wish I knew I wasn't alone. That there were others out there who went through the same spirals. Which is why I wrote this.

You want to ask the world why just because writing it will make you feel better? Go ahead, and maybe some words of advice can be found from the others here. Get whatever bothers you off your chest and share the burden. We're not meant to deal with anything on our own.

Basically, just rant your heart out.

The End

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