another attempt at a genre. This time a spy one. I think it is okay, I just didn't think of a proper plot... (2nd July 2013)

My breath catches in my throat as I stare at the letter. The letter that has caused me so much trouble.

With one last look over the fine writing, I take my lighter out my front pocket and flick the little yellow light to engulf the flame into life.

With a sigh, I bring the flame over to the corner of the letter and allow the little yellow light to engulf the words.

With the letter gone, I turn my attention back to my current predicament.

Locked in a small staff bedroom of a large hotel in the middle of Edinburgh. And they are on their way.

As if on cue, a gunshot is fired, echoing throughout the once peaceful hotel.

I wince. Those receptionists had been nice. Neither of them deserved to be shot. Briefly, I wonder witch of the perky two lost their lifes.

"Nooooooo!" The high pitched feminine scream answers my question. The male, Alan was the one who met his demise.

Another gunshot and the female is also down. Pounding feet are heard coming up the stairs.

Desperatly, I look around the small, tidy room and spot a window above the sink. I am sure I will be able to fit. But the two floor drop? I am not so sure I will make that unharmed.

The End

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