My vague, and crappy, attempt at a horror.... (26th June 2013)

The sound of sirens are so foreign in this party of the country that every single life has woken up and is peering out of windows or doors to find what the abnormality brought to this new found element on the usually pleasant country of Dateh.

Little do the residents know, the most hideous of sins has been committed right on they're doorstep. The slaughter of an innocent life.

As, after the disappointing results, the residents of Dateh return to bed, a shadow in the trees moves, glistening white eyes shine before they vanish, leaving behind only a high pitched giggle.

The town is strangely active the next morning as young Ted Yamuk gets out of bed, his young brow furrowed as he looks out of his bedroom window to see too many people walking about outside for this time in the morning.

Teds mum walks into the room, eyes narrowing as she spots him looking outside at the unnatural bustle of bodies.

"Ted, get changed." She tells him, hoping to keep his mind of events, but to no avail.

"What's goin' on?" He asks, swinging his small head back into the room to face his mum.

"Nothing much. Now get ready for school." His mother says, promptly leaving the room. Ted frowns in irritation.

"I will find out myself then." Ted promises himself as he squeezes into a light blue school jumper two sizes to small for him. "I'm seven years old now. I am old enough to know what happens." He continues to grumble as he finishes getting changed and heads down the hall of his mothers flat to get breakfast, following the promising smell of warm pancakes.

On the way to school, Ted is joined by a girl he had never seen before. A girl with doll like qualities. Wide, blue eyes, long perfectly straight blonde hair, unnaturally smooth skin and a voice so quiet, Ted has to lean in closely to hear what she is saying.

"Do you know what happened last night?" She asks, Tom frowns, he is the only one the adults are hiding things from. Maybe she can help him find out.

"No. But I am going to find out. Do you want to help me?" He asks her just as quietly, looking around the busy street warily.

"Can I?" She asks back, Ted thinks she is exited by the idea, but her voice is still really quiet, so can't be entirely sure.

The End

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