Boredom Taking its Toll

Ash: Pikachu, I choose you!

Me: Back off! Pikachu is mine! *Rawr*

Ash: *hands on hip* Oh nuh uh! Pikachu is mine.

Me: Bring it on! *grabs pikachu's ear* He is mine!

Ash: *Grabs pikachu's other ear* Mine! Back off!

*Both start pulling pikachu in opposite directions*

Absol: Sol!

Me: Ohhh, and Absol! Mine! *Throws pikachu at Ash* See you later!


XD Can't you tell how bored I am?


Captain Hitsugaya: Who is this?

Me: My name is Nina! Nice to meet you! So your name is Toshiro?

Captain Hitsugaya: it's Captain Hitsugaya to you.

Me: But you let Momo call you Toshiro! And Whitey-chan!

Captain Hitsugaya: That is different.

Me: *scoffs* Whatever shorty!

Captain Hitsugaya: You are shorter than me.

Me: Am not! I just shrunk to make you seem taller! See how nice of a human I am?

Captain Hitsugaya: How did you get in here? Humans are not allowed!

Me: Momo let me in :D I wanted to tell you that I love you!

Captain Hitsugaya: Excuse me?

Me: Shut up! I wasn't talking to you, shorty! You are a freaky albino shorty!

Captain Hitsugaya: Then who are you talking to? No one else is here. *resisting urge to yell at me*

Me: Oh Hyourinmaru, how I love thee!

Captain Hitsugaya: Get out now!

Me: Fine whatever baldy! *Swaggers out, grabbing Toshiro's sword at the last minute* I am taking my love with me though! Mwahahaaha.

*runs outside*


Me: Oooh, look! Captain Kuchiki! more fun! Come on love!

The End

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