More Q's. Fun Facts

Before we start, this is not meant to offend anyone, I am just curious.



1. If almost every relegion say we go to hell (or some eternally evil place) if we don't believe in their religion, then aren't we all going to hell anyway? Might as well have fun. Don't step on eggshells.

2. Why are kolas and pandas called bears if they aren't really bears?



Fun Facts.

1 hedgehogs float in the water

2. Tiger's skin is striped, just like their fur.

3. tiger stripes are like thumb prints, each one is different.

4. Polar bears actually have black skin. Their fur is clear and tube-like.

5. cat urine glows under blacklights.

6. Pearls melt in vinegar.

7.fingernails are made of the same stuff as fly poop XP

The End

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