Random thoughts 2!

What if the whole universe circles our sun?

I always decide to watch Lost right before I take a plane trip. Every little bump= we are going to all be stuck on a magical island.

I wonder what people with no imagination at all dream of. Work? Taking the subway?

(I read this somewhere. Not quite sure where though.) I think women should rule the world. There would never be any wars. Instead, none of the nations would talk to each other.

^ the only problem I have with that though is that America might be in trouble. We would actually have to make our own stuff. No more toys for us! We would all be knitting and cleaning and reusing what we had! No more wasting!

Well that is all for now ta ta for now!

T-i-double g- er. (Neatest person ever eeyore right up there with him)
If you don't know what I am talking about, what happened to you childhood????

The End

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