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...just venting...

Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and re-do all the mistakes I'd made so that my life would be perfect right now. But there is no such thing as perfect, so how can I obtain a dream that's far away from reality?


A dream is already halfway achieved when you just acknowledge it as a wild hope you're aiming for to come true. So why not try and cover the other small half so you can have your key to eternal happiness? Well of course, things are easier said then done. If only dreams could come true and diminish all the dark nightmares. If only life was a puzzle already solved and all you had to do was smile at the beautiful image formed. If only...but that's not how life is. It's the total opposite. You have to work hard to get what you want, you have to search for the hidden pieces of the puzzle before you can put it together. But this journey - filled with complications - is the true beauty of our existence; that is our accomplishments and breath-taking moments of emotion. But when such a beautiful thing exists for all of us, why do some stay blind to it?


Hate is just another form of love. But how it happens-? Hate is a twisted, knarled, rotten form of love - love turned bad. Everyone has a pure heart, a heart of gold. But our actions, thoughts and emotions are what create the black marks in a heart of pure beauty. Why this happens-? That's the character of human beings - the selfishness and cruelty of those who are blind to the beauty I spoke of before. You cannot call them stupid. But you can surely decide that all of us have intelligence and wisdom but some use theirs in a way that will shed darkness and waves of sorrow among a world that deserves to have eternal light.


But a new time has dawned. The foolishness of men and infidelity of women is what composes us. No longer are the ten commandments obeyed. We are deaf to what He says and this is what destroys us. Just as we don't listen to Him during our times of ignorance, He will not heed the prayers of those who have sinned greatly. The place we live in is corrupt.


But religion ties with life in very interesting ways. Some do not believe in Him and some do. Some say, "If He was really there, He would help us! He would rid the world of poverty and sins!" And my reply? "Really? Why should He clean up after the mess we make? Something He was not even related to?"


I wish I could travel back in a time machine and fix all the reckless mistakes I've made. But...my life is not perfect and it never will be. Those mistakes are what led me to where I am today. And I'd rather be here then anywhere else in the world.


You have to be young and stupid in the first place to be old and wise in the future.


The End

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