Snow White is Doing Dishes Again

It’s been years since I’ve seen Prince Charming. Now that I look back, I realize I never even new his name. I woke up to find his face and apparently from then my destiny was decided on. Of course, you all know the story we ran off together into the sunset and supposedly lived “happily ever after.”

         What they left out of my sappy love story was what came after. The prince took me to his castle and presented me to his father, who (after only glancing at me) gave his approval to our marriage. Maids fluttered around me fitting me for my dress and only a day later I was supposed to walk the isle and marry a man I had only spoken to once. I admit I got a little lost in the excitement of everything, only to have this realization dawn on me as I was about to say my I do.

         I stared at my prince’s handsome blue eyes, trying to conjure up all the love I felt towards him, only to realize there was none. I did not love this man, I barely even knew him. I ran out of the chapel, weeping, of course he ran after me. He told me that I was the “fairest” of them all, that he loved me with all his heart, and that he would forgive me for running out on him. I tried to explain that I didn’t love him, but he didn’t seem to understand. I said it was because I’d only known him for a couple of days, and even suggested to stay at the castle to build our relationship before the marriage.

But he only heard my refusal, which infuriated him. So I left, I wasn’t going to sit there and have him call me ridiculous for not loving him. I mean wouldn’t you be hesitant to marry a guy that kissed your supposed corpse? I trekked through the haunted forest once again and decided to stay at the Dwarves’ place. So here I am, from riches to rags yet again.

The End

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