We are All Utterly Insane

 I’ve realized a couple of things whilst driving on a major road for the first time today. For the first time I had the power to easily take someone’s life away. All I needed to do was push a bit harder on the accelerator and three people would cease to exist. I held that power, and for some reason I was tempted. Anytime a person or car came near me I would unexplainably freak out.

Part of me couldn’t help but feel like the only reason we’re so afraid of driving or heights is because we realize that somewhere deep inside, we’re insane. There’s always that nagging urge to jump off the tall building or put the “metal to the pedal” and slam into that little kid on the bike. Something about us craves destruction, we desire chaos, and there’s a part of us that’s afraid we won’t be able to control ourselves with power. We shrink away from it, because we are afraid it will consume us.

The End

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