Writer's Block

What should I write about? There are so many possibilities: fiction, poetry, biography. Which should I pick when I feel inspired, when my soul stirs for something to write? An incredible song blasting in my ears, a cup of tea by my side, and an urge to write but what? My fingers hover above my keyboard waiting to start clacking away. But I hesitate, what if it only lasts for a bit, I take a break to let my mind wonder and soon enough it’s gone. I drain my mug, and search for that sense of purpose, and force myself. What I have printed on my screen is terrible, not even worthy of letting my 9-year-old sister read. Suddenly frustrated with myself I close my laptop and the idea of quitting writing all together tempts me. I don’t log on for weeks at a time feeling furious at myself for not being able to commit to anything. Every time I read an amazing work my feeling of incompetence only increases. But then I start to write and I remember why I can never give up, it’s that sudden wave of happiness and calmness that washes over my when I start. When somehow all your problems and emotions are gone and there is nothing but you. Only then are you yourself at your core. And we all need that every now and then.

The End

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