They say ignorance is bliss...but with knowledge comes the ability to act, to make a difference. In the end, isn't that what we all want? To make the world a better place for the future, so our next generations wouldn't have to indure all that we have been through. Yet, when we watch a video or listen to a song that opens our mind to images and ideas that seem too terrible to even be true....we turn away. We would rather live in our own bubble then have to face the new and intimidating truths. Despite how much we deny it we love our bubbles. We feel comfortable and safe inside them, thinking that if we don't think about an issue it will leave. It won't, we all know it thats why being realistic is key.

Its easy to say that you'll do something, to let our minds wander of the different possiblities we can accomplish. The sad truth is, our minds don't show us images of the problems we may face. We see ourselves coloring with a child in an orphanage, working at a food bank, or even protesting for a cause. But the thought of the time it would take to plan and organize a protest, social events you would miss to hand out food, and that one kid you got attached to getting adopted never crosses your mind. You can, however, make it. So, think about your positive and negative qualities; think about the factors that go into accomplishing your golden image.  When the obstacles come remember why you began this and hopefully, someday the image in your head will be reality.

The End

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