Look! Even more exciting stuff!

I’ve had a productive day today, I’d say. I did nothing but watch a movie and go on Protagonize. It was a very funducational day.

I have learned many things:

1.      Jamie Bell is fitter than Channing Tatum in my view

2.      According to some people (Dad) I’m an idiot

3.      My computer doesn’t do numbers automatically but does put them far from the beginning of the line

4.      Channing Tatum was Emperor Hadrian’s son (I’m not sure if he was Emperor or what)

5.      I need to remember stuff at school for weekends in case of emergency test from members of family

6.      Depressing music is fun to rave to

7.      Some popped corn is gross

8.      Other people don’t say popped. They say pop. How weird is that?

9.      Being in a car for too long makes me sick

10.   My friend is no longer my friend... well, that's what I think, but they don’t know yet. Shhh....

11.   Galt Aureus is amazing (even though I already knew that)

12.   [, { or ( can be classified as opening brackets

13.   ],} or ) can be classified as closing brackets

14.   I haven’t done any full stops in this list yet.

15.   There's one!

16.   And an exclamation mark.

17.   And another full stop.

18.   And another.

19.   I could go on forever.

I couldn’t think of a 20th. How dare I? I’m kidding. I’m frikken excited about Tuesday... not. A weird person living in my house for a week? No thank you. But, meh, I guess I had it coming. I shall tell you more about the said person maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Have you ever cut up so many pieces of paper that they all fit just into your sisters pencil case so when she opens it some spray in her face? Its funny. You should try. But be careful, you will have to clean up the little pieces of paper, and its not hard when they are like 1cm squares.

The End

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