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So... I tried to watch a DVD today... But it failed... miserably.

I put the disc in my PS2. A rather loud unnatural buzzing noise started to come from the little silver box.

I waited a couple of minutes, then realised it would help if I turned my TV on.

But the screen came up with:


So I took the shiny, unscratched disc and rubbed it vigorously on the bed (hehe, sounds dirty) then put it back in and waited.

It finally worked!

As New Moon started (just because I'm that manly) the PS2 started whirring again. I ignored it but had to turn it to full volume which really annoyed my sisters. I told them to *%^$ off and leave me alone (alone and watching vampires, how cooler could I get?).

 So they left and about half way through when Jacob and Bella were discussing their future, something suddenly pops up.


Now you decide this? Now? After half the film? I need to know what happens!

My sister came in and laughed at me. I grrrrrrrr'ed at her and she left.

I then spent 15 minutes roughly trying to get it to work again. It refused to work.

I gave up and went into my sisters room (the sister who had laughed at me).

I saw that Mom (I know I'm English but... it just looks wrong! Mum.. weird) had bought her some tights for school.

I couldn't resist unwrapping them from the odd piece of cardboard around them and I stole a pair.

Back in my room, I ripped and ripped. I liked the sound the thin material made.

T'was fun!

I then put them back in her room.

But, of course, she knew who did it.

She didn't tell Mom though... yet...

The End

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