Exciting stuff

So, this is the first chapter of my... my... thing... ramblings.... I don't know.

Today, I am planning to write another chapter or two of Julian's as I have literally nothing else to do today. I said today twice in the same sentence, thats atrocious!

Did I spell atrocious right? I am going onto Word to check.

Oh hell yeah! I got it right!

I should probably change this thing to Mature as I really feel like swearing right now. Never mind, I guess I can hold back.

Hey! Guess what! Someone read the first chapter of this and "favourited" it and "added a page marker"! But they didn't tell me who or why, which bugs me as I like to know why people like me. I like me because I'm plain awesome.

Now, I'm getting annoyed because it keeps missing out some letters as I type so I have to delete the words, put the letter in and retype the word. Like just then, it put thwrd instead of THE WORD.

I may post on this later today, if I finish a few chapters of the forementioned story.

But I warn you, I may not, because it takes me AGES to write stuff. Yeah. This has taken me about half an hour.

See you kit-kats on the flip-flop! - Dewey Finn, School Of Rock.

The End

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