Random ramblings of my "exciting" life.

This is NOT, I repeat NOT a diary.

Well, as you have probably realised, this is not a "diary" or "journal" or whatever other manly name you want to call it. This is just "Random ramblings of my "exciting" life".

Even though I keep a diary (not a journal (there is a difference!)), I am not really sure that I want to post any of it as its rather private, but here are some random snippets, oh, sorry, I meant random ramblings of my life. It may not be very exciting, heck it might not even be remotely interesting, but I think it will be very productive (whatever that means) for me and will boost my confidence and writing skill.

Because I'm that cool.

I am sort of copying this idea from a rather good friend of mine, alice.thorne, who is on Protagonize and she seems to be having a whale of a time (a phrase my dad uses... hes cool).

Now, I am just rambling. Ha, like it says in the title.

First, before you read the rest, you must understand that I do ramble a lot. Sometimes, if I want to ramble, then I just pick a random subject and start rambling about that.

Lonely penguins upset me.

They're so lonely! And so cute! How can you not love penguins with their cute little beaks and black and white fluff.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now, because its 11.45pm.


The End

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