Fed upMature

Alittle place to place random rants/stuff from my head. In the vain hope that it will just help relieve some of the pressure that builds up...or thats it just out there for me to read again and see how stupid those thoughts are.

So im just fed up.

When i get fed up, i tend to get quiet and abit distant. But that is how i cope really, not a good way but my only way i know.

So why am i fed up. Well...im just fed up with my self in all honesty. My sudden mood dips and broodyness, my little wobbles that are getting less and less little and seem to spread out for ages and ages and ages.

Im fed up with waiting for help, only getting the responce "still in the waiting line for it, no idea when it will ready". Just like calling up just now after the ripple of my last wobble at lunch.

 My girlfriend who is the most amazing person with me, and i do love her alot, but i keep on wondering why she puts up with all of this instead of just screaming at me.

Im tired and fed up with myself. Simple as...and just hope i can get over it or the help comes sooner rather then later because i think those around me are getting fed up to...i know iam.

And back to work...proberly the next source of my rant as that doesnt really help with the fed up feeling either right now.

The End

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