Make of it What you Want

just mind blabber, thoughts, maybe ideas, who knows what will come out, unedited

so I'm visiting my cousin, who lives with her husband and daughter on this beautiful plot, old dutch style house, soft green grass, my favorite tree, a weeping willow, oh and just peace.

I'm laying on the lawn, and how can this be,  that we miss all these details everyday ?, or decide to ignore them, small things that touches our heart, makes us smile, bring tears to our eyes, things that stay with us for hours after.

today I think is a good day to notice some of those things, like my favorite tree. Reason for this, it holds cherished memories with my Grandparents, fishing at the lake, swinging in the branches of the willow, taking dingy rides and stopping in between the willows arms caressing the water, a safe haven, a secret fairy garden.... a place where I can be free, free of mind, soul and body!

I have written quite a few poems on willows, she is my soul tree after all. Sometimes I dream to become her when my life is due to give back to God what He has borrowed. I would stretch my roots along side a lake, letting my branches grow high and wide for kids to share in His joy and the freedom he now gives through me.

The End

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