Sincerest Apologies

I would like to apologize to an author. They will know who they are, once reading this (as I’m sure they will at some point), and I hope they can understand and forgive my little outburst. But first, let me explain myself:

The other day, I encountered a very unfairly-rated piece of writing on this website. It was a piece of writing most likely aimed at regurgitating whatever little ideas and thoughts belonging to the author, much like this submitted page that you are now reading. The rating which it received puzzled me: a one, a rating reserved for the utterly horrendous and entirely unpalatable pieces of un-literature that gouge the eyes and upset the delicate mental balance of those who set their eyes upon the thin traces of black scrawl. I was confounded. The writing that I had just digested was not unreadable, nor was it so terrible that I could only risk reading through one, single open eye for fear of disrupting the synapses in both hemispheres of my still-developing brain. You can see, I hope, why the rating perhaps did put a thorn in my southern flank.

Now this author, the one who had received the “Awful” rating, is one that I highly admire and greatly respect. They are imaginative and write better than many that I have encountered, so when I observed this below-average rating, we can safely say that my feathers got just a little bit ruffled. Just a little bit.

Sometimes I let spite get the better of me. Many of these times, I am not proud of the quick judgments that take over my otherwise meticulous reasoning. Other times, I cannot help but get the biggest kick out of my rash actions. Let’s be honest: Sometimes, spite is a warranted and totally reasonable course of action in my book-- a highly enjoyable one if I do say so myself.

That being said, I reacted out of spite when I rated that story with a perfect five. I confess that it was an unfair rating in itself: I know the author, I am friends with the author, and to give someone I know a rating of “Perfect” is biased. In addition, however, the ratings on this website encompass the entirety of a story that may be posted, which is flawed in my opinion. The rating can hardly tell you everything about a story. Who am I to give an author a “Terrible” rating on a story with absolutely brilliant writing but with an absolutely atrocious idea or vice-versa? However, that rating of a “One” was now, I knew, weighing quite heavily on the overall rating of the author who had so unjustly received it. I can tell you that that single fact did shake and quake my bells the most, for I knew that whosoever gave that rating was full of it. This is what spurred me into such a hasty decision.

So I am writing now to admit (to hide behind, if you want to get into its ancillary purpose) that I did indeed react rashly. I am sorry for the rant that it inspired from the author. I hope that this explanation has cleared some of the misgivings and frustrated musings of said author. My action was wrong, I concede, but I do not think it was entirely unjustified. I offer my most humble and sincerest of apologies to this person, the author that is (I'm still quite miffed with that other person.), and beg them to continue with their writing in those posted ramblings for both entertainment and for spite itself.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                        Hypaethral

The End

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