Just a jumble of thoughts made coherant-ish while listening to rain on my window, thinking about somebody I love.

As I lay here in the darkness, listening to the gentle melody of rain on glass I wonder
Are you listening to it too?
And while I watch the stars in their nightly dance I'm thinking ,
Are you looking at these stars?
Are you thinking of me?

While I am dreaming, still facing those distant stars
I am dreaming of you.
Do you ever dream of me? 
Do you think of me?
I hope you do, because I think of you.

In the brief moments when I see you
You make me smile
And you smile too, dont you? 
Is it me you're smiling at?
Do you really see me? 

The rain makes me think of you ,
And thinking of you makes me smile.
So, if you don't mind,
I'll keep watching
And hoping that you're watching too. 

The End

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