With this eerie stillness it feels like time just might have stopped

Oh I wish it would

Sands of time don’t drag me down

Don’t let me sink in your quicksand

I’m not as strong as I use be


I have been trying to make it up my mind

Whether it’s better to lose your awareness or

To know each every pin prick life can stab you with

I have endured both

Not in an attempt to discover


Ofcourse, Ofcourse…

When you think you’ve seen it all

Gods got give you a reason not go blind

I think

I got find meaning somewhere right?

I can’t enjoy the haze of liquor or drugs


I played Joni Mitchell’s Blue over and over

Sat around picked at my cuticles past the point of bleeding

I winced at the sight

But I’m so use to picking at myself

It’s almost nothing


I just don’t know what to do when I got nothing to do

I can’t seem to make it all right

And waiting for time to set itself right takes ages and ages

I do what I have to

Watch my soft hands turn into what they call working man hands

I wonder if I’ll ever look at them with pride in my eyes

Or shutter at every ache I had to endure

The End

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