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I suppose I feel like taking a break here and making an observation… it is all together too quiet. I expected more comments, arguments, etc. from the readers based upon the oddity of what we have been discussing. Typically, when I inform people that matter is made of Intelligence, or in other words that seemingly inanimate matter has consciousness, intelligence and the ability to act for itself… well, let’s just say that no one believes it. However, they tend to at the same time hold to beliefs in Science or Religion or both. Thus, they actually do believe that matter is Intelligence, but they just don’t know that such is what it all adds up to. However, it is simple. How could it add up to anything else? Science declares that all matter in the Universe is consciously connected and they offer experiments to illustrate how it reacts to our beliefs and intentions. Religion tells us in Scripture that God has the ability to speak to matter and it obeys him, and it gives many examples of such. Thus, how could these things be if matter was indeed inanimate and unable to do anything for itself? I suppose that perhaps there is some yet undefined power or force that God has (and that we have to a lesser degree) which allows us to alter matter by our hearts and minds. However, is that any less hard to believe?

At the end of the day however, I will show that such is not the case, but instead that matter is indeed Intelligence and that it operates by trust, respect, and honor which it has for God.

Please throw any questions, arguments, etc. my way. I would like to know your thoughts.


The End

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