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Want To Get To Know Me Online? I Want To Know Who Are My Readers Online.

Question: Why do all talented people have to be eliminated from competitions?

Question: Why have the judges have to be mean to talented people who are able to sing, dance and play musical instruments?

Question: What are the Voters in search for The Final 1 And American Idol for the Next Winner 2013?

Question: The world has been changing and now life is getting difficult to adapt and not easy to be flexible, do you agree? Give reasons in your own words.

Question: What makes a good Fiction Novel that Readers can be easily inspired and then recommend to friends and family members?

Question: What cause Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Depression and Stress?

Question: Is having extreme sexual activities can cause missed periods?

When answering the above questions, do email me in reply format using this email address:




Most importantly, please use your own words to answer all of the above questions.

The End

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