Question Session!

It's time to get to know each other a little better! Answer a few questions and come up with your own. Recommend your favourite literary works and warn against your least favourite. Tell us about your goals and personality.
This is all for fun and about getting to know each other. It can be as short or long as you want. Come and join in!

Answer these questions in any manner you wish and choose your own length. You can be straightforward or creative. Remember, if there are any questions that you aren't comfortable answering, just delete them! This is purely for fun, so use this opportunity to discuss and connect. Friendly banter is welcome, but don't be mean or overly critical. (I've never found any of you guys to be that way, but I have to add it just in case!) Here is the initial list:

Where did you get your Protagonize name?

What do you want people to call you?

Describe your most important goal.

What animal are you most like? Why?

How would your friends or closest family members describe you if given three words?

If you could live anywhere, whether it exists or not, where would it be?

Name a character from a story, poem, or play who is most like you. If you can't pick, choose one you wish you were most like.

What is your least favourite literary work that you have read or started reading?

What is your favourite aspect of your personality?

What, in your opinion, is your largest flaw?

Recommend three literary works for us to read. These can be novels, book series, plays, poems, essays, etc.

Recommend two movies.

Recommend a collab.

Recommend a piece of your own work to read.

Recommend a piece of another protag member's work to read.

Now, add your own question here for future chapters and commenters.

Have fun!

The End

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