Questa Cecilia III, the . . . . guy???Mature

This is about one of my female characters in a parallel universe where she is a he. This is a story where this 17 year old fights evil and stands for justice in all of his street kid glory. . . . He lives with his mother, a yaoi manga fanatic, and his father, a more normal and saine person. He is constantly being laughed at and beaten up. See how he deals with his first crisis . . . . being called gay and being fought over by a guy necromancer and a female demon . . . . will he make out in one

"Hey girly, you look good, you want to hang out with me don't you?" said a man who had pinned a teenage girl up against the wall. She looked scared and screamed, "Won't someone help me?! Please? Help!" she turned her face away from the guy who had leaned in to kiss her.

"You! Unhand that nice lady! Villain! " the both of them looked to see who it was and why they had such a childish voice. There he was. Standing at a great height of 5 ft max, looking more like a 12 year old than his actual 17 years. He was accusingly pointing at the man and looked rather scrawny. His clothes were torn and he generally looked like he was homeless.

"Ha! you really expect me to think that a kid like you can take me on? You are an idiot!" at this point the dude let go of the girl who sunk to the floor in horror. Her "savior" was gonna be fertilizer in a minute or two and she couldn't help him.

After a while, this "villain" got tired of beating up this kid who really didn't know when to shut up. So he got up and left. The little boy with ice blue hair and ice blue eyes looked up at him, "Is that all you got mister . . . . " at the end of the sentence he coughed up a mouthful of blood. The man looked back and shook his head.

"Gotta learn how to keep your mouth shut kid . . . . " with that he was gone.


"QC3! What happened! Why are you all beat up?" a women with black hair said, jumping up at the sight of her son beaten up and bleeding out his mouth. He turned and looked at her through his only good eye, "I saved a lady today momma . . . there was a man messing with her and I got him to leave her alone. . . . "

A man entered and looked at them both, "QC3! When are you going to learn that getting yourself beaten up is not going to help anyone or thing! your just wasting your days . . . . " QC3 turned and glanced at him, "Papa . . . " The man just sighed, "you should stick to what you can do QC3 . . . you live longer that way." he turned and left with that. QC3 turned to his mother, and beamed at her before falling over unconscious.

Slowly QC3 fell into sleep, tried from getting totally thrashed around.

The End

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