Put Your Best Face Forward

U know whats hard,
thinking, was I dealt bad cards?
Thinking about the whatif’s,
but we can’t look down 2 far in that cliff,
That rabbit hole,
the dark, narrow windin road,
careful not 2 roll,
and tryin 2 crack the code.

The possiblities that could have happen,
make U go in2 a downward spiral.
Start 2 think, then go in2 rappin,
its so viral.
The situation is better than it could have been,
Even though U are in a depression, U grin.

We suck it up,
look our best,
Try not 2 let people see closeup,
We all get a little stressed.

Cry UR tears,
He’ll hear UR prayers.
Don’t give up,
Just look up.
He’s watching you,
He’s always true.

U’ll find UR way,
through the grey day,
Cuz, U know there’s sunshine coming soon,
Look at the stars, look at the moon,
It’ll be a fresh start tomorrow,
U can borrow my smile.

See U soon,
my old friend,
Its almost June,
I’ll extend my hand,
Just hold tight,
till the morning light.

The End

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