Hardcore Soft GirlMature

I like wearing miniskirts and I read Marie Claire
I like bubblegum pop music and I like to dye my hair
I like rich thick hot pink lipgloss and I like to pretend
I still dress up all the time even though I’m seventeen
And I'm learning how to defend myself

I pretend my legs are made of silk, pretend I'm Sleeping Beauty
I fake like I'm a natural blonde and fake like I'm a cutie
I like having kitten pits and I like kissing girls
I like clothes that show off my tits and I like wearing pearls

I like the way my hair smells of peaches
And I like it even when it reeks of 15 different kinds of bleaches

I'm a hardcore soft girl
I'm a pincushion queen
A raspberry swirl cheesecake
A pretty little thing with a head full of snakes

Deliberately unclean
Deliberately obscene
Pretty as yesterday’s underwear
Pretty as the roots of Courtney’s hair

Pretty as my favourite Les Mis scene
When Anne Hathaway’s Fantine dreams a dream
And her nose starts running as she starts to cry
And everything felt real for once in my life

I’m covered in face powder and I’m covered in dirt
And you’ll never know joy if you never know hurt
And that’s why they make Disney princess plasters
So when you skin your knees you’ll feel prettier after

Let’s talk about all the junk we like
And re-learn the art of laughter

(I’ll be in the kitchen making raspberry tea whenever you wanna join me)

The End

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