Briar Rose/Liar ProseMature

I would like to sleep
In a flowerbed
Pansies cushioning my head
For all the thoughts
I bought from a freelance writer
The last time I pulled an all nighter on my own
You wanted to talk on the phone
So I did
But I had nothing to say for myself
I nodded and smiled like you could see me
And worried about my mental health, again
My drunk honeysuckle fingers slurred
Over the power button
And they cut you off
Before I had to pay for another word
I really can’t afford to be so shy
Cut through the brambles of telephone lines
Put your hand in mine
And we’ll sleep a hundred years
And keep the thorns for souvenirs
I wish my voice didn't sound so dumb
But now the stitches of my vocal chords have come undone
And I don’t feel like spinning thread today
So I embroider every word I didn’t want to say
In pink and blue
On my faux punk jacket
And use it to cover you
(Sweet dreams)

The End

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