Dr Martens

The only song I want to listen to right now is "Mother" by Florence + The Machine. Just that one alone. Before now I never especially liked it, not in relation to Which Witch? or Delilah. 

I have no school for a week. Hallowe'en is on its way. My feet are healing and my Dr Martens are broken in. I worked out a new way to do my hair. I suppose things are going well. 

I hate being 17 but living like I'm 14. I should have got properly drunk at least once by now, been to a party, gone out with someone and so on. Instead its 20:56 and I'm considering going to bed. At least I did some of the reading on Mary I earlier. That's a little less homework to rush at the end of the holidays. 

I'm not sure why the 'Bloody Mary' thing came about. Why would she wish unconditional murder on everyone? Surely if a Catholic said her name in the mirror three times they'd be fine, right? Anyway, Henry killed way more people. 

I'd really rather the person I liked turned up to lessons a bit more. She did say she liked my shirt once. And that I looked 'really pretty' in lipstick. 

Of course, she won't think anything of me. I just have to deal with it. 

I have switched from the normal to the live version of Mother. Variation.

Oh Lord, won't you leave me...

The End

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