Red Glasses

New red glasses rest on the bridge of my nose. My OK eye is failing. New white earphones sit in my ears. These days I find any excuse to put them in. 

Today I have eaten badly and done nothing worthwhile. I've also pulled out a lot of hair. I'm so bored and it's only the Monday of my week off. I think this is all adding up to why I feel a bit off.

I've been voted "Most Likely To Have A Million Cats" in the yearbook. There's a few...interesting responses in it. "Likes: Disregarding females," Good to know, because you're completely irrelevant to us. "Dislikes: Everyone." Oooh, we've got yet another edgy cynicist! "Dislikes: The Patriarchy." Don't we all. "Dislikes: Boys." More blunt, but a lot of us agree.

Don't tell me to like boys. I was raised to serve them, love them, marry one of them. But I don't like boys. I couldn't think of anything worse than living with a husband and 3 kids in a suburban semi detached sharing cheesy messages on Facebook.

I'm most concerned about my best friend's ex, who read Mein Kampf and draw swastikas everywhere is "Most Likely To Become Prime Minister." But then again, there's a huge club of Neo Nazis in the school and no one does a thing.

I had gold makeup and a black blazer. Most girls walked around in dresses so beautiful yet I don't have the confidence to wear. My Grandad says I dress like a 'hippy'. 

My computer made a disturbing noise.

The End

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