Unacceptable Behaviour and Stupid Expressions

Why is it perfectly acceptable to blow your nose at the dinner table, but it's not acceptable to fart at the dinner table? 

Why is it acceptable to pick your ear in public, but not your nose?

Why is it equally unacceptable to scratch your crotch or your a**? Shouldn't one be more disgusting than the other?  I'm voting for the front one. 

Why is it acceptable to lick your fingers after eating fried chicken, but the not rest of your hand, or someone else's fingers? I'd like to see that, I think. A boy licking off his girlfriend's fingers? No wait. I just visualized that. Maybe not.

Stupid expressions, like "killing time."  How do you do that?  Do you whack your watch with an axe?  What if you're still wearing the watch?  Would that mean that you're not "handy" anymore?

What about "waiting around", around what? Around the world, around your waist, around the merry-go-round?

Expressions like "give your head a shake". Why would you do that? You could give yourself a headache. How would you give your head a shake? with both hands? with one hand? With your feet? With your  finger up your nose?

So many stupid expressions, so many stupid questions. So many stupid answers. Stupid stupid stupid!

Expressions like "Intelectual snob" people call me that. What does that even mean?  Am I intellectual about snobs, or am I snobbish about intellectuals?

My head aches now. I'm tired of whining.  I'm going to go rub my cat the wrong way. I'm not being cruel. He likes that. I don't know why. I don't think like a cat.

When the author's guidance said to dump my mind, I may have taken that too literally.

The End

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