There's a squid brain in your head!

The following was written by Archi Teuthis. So was the proceeding.

"Sometimes I just like to lay back and look up at the stars. Sometimes I wonder where the cieling's gone."

"It seems to me religion is like that game at the carnival with all those little bowls of goldfish and you have to chuck a ball in one to win. The problem is, there's about a million little bowls to try, and even if you make it in the rim there's no guarantee of that fishie you've been looking for actually being in there."

"People tell me it's a little blasphemous to compare God to a goldfish. It implies that He never blinks, is kind of flashy, and tends to go belly up randomly. You probably shouldn't tap on the glass."

"I can bend minds with my spoooooon!"

"My zits are just hot and angry. Like a little vigilante mob. With pitchforks."

"School doesn't suck. Its pressure differinciates."

The End

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