These fell out of my gaping mouth.

Straight from the mind of that which we call Jack.

"Do bees really have knees? And if they do, are they really that much better than ours?"

"Shouldn't cookies be called bakies, on account of their being baked?"

"I should design toys for the twenty-first century market. I can see the Sears catalog now: 'Single Mother Barbie, Ken not included.'"

"You're always gonna be better at something than someone, but then again I guess that means someone will always be better than you."

"If you live in the past people tell you to stop dwelling on things you can't change. If you live in the present then people tell you to stop and think about future consequences. If you live in the future people tell you to stop planning ahead so much and have some fun. So what's left to live in?"

"Life is like a box of popsicles. You think you know what you're getting into, but then you pick out the androgynous red flavour."

"Do sheep make static when they... nevermind."

The End

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