Protagonizer Wisdom

The Wisdom of Fluffycrow:

"I don't suck because I suck. I suck because whatever I'm sucking at sucks."

"The rule of mood swings is this: what goes down must come back up. And hit the ceiling. And hang there like a delirious little monkey, giggling with irrational glee. And that is what makes hanging around on the floor worth it."

"If anyone is so happy that they have fulfilled all of their goals, they will, in fact, be completely unhappy and bored after a few minutes. This is why I procrastinate."

"When life gives you lemons, be polite and thank it because life can throw much worse things than fruit."

"The whole idea of writing a story is to be as cruel as possible to the readers the majority of their time, then shove all of your mercy into one single moment that will make them dance all day."

The End

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