Chaos Evoked

I write because I am crazy.

The first time I tried to kill myself, it was with writing. Scrawling all the words I couldnt form in red across my wrists. For as long as I can recall, writing has been my way of saying the things my mouth just couldnt.

To me, what's important in writing styles is evoking emotions. Is the reader moved? Can they feel the pain, the lust, the unimaginable apathy of the speaker? When a reader puts down a piece of work, closes the cover, they should be left with such feeling, it's as though they just lived through it themselves.

I didnt scream or even make a sound. Only closed my eyes against the silent tears, like diamond rivulets tumbling down my face. I was broken beyond repair, cast into a world so vast and dark...

I've learned now how to say the words, instead of shredding my skin in hopes that they might pour out from the gaping wounds. We all have a voice, you know.

Find yours. Before it's too late.

The End

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