Seeking Midnight Companion

Seeking a Midnight Companion. 

If you feel good as I roll you between my fingers… If you are filled with a sweet red liquid, destined to spout your pearls all over the place… If you understand that I’ll use you over and over for my own expression, that I’ll move you back and forth endlessly throughout the night, I would like you to get in touch with me.  If you don’t mind sitting on a desk all day, as I stare at you, pushing you up and down, left and right, trying to make you squeal… If you will take my words and twist them into something sensible … If you drip with imagination and need only infrequent refilling… … If you are long and slender, but mightier than the sword, I’d like to meet you.  If you have the blues, a blackened soul, or even a touch of yellow fever, I am blind to your color…I merely want a working relationship, one in which you will end up dripping from use.  If you feel you’ve been used by great men and women of the past, a slave to their whims… If you are the type that hangs in grocery stores, in school supply aisles, and wouldn’t mind being touched by the hands of a creative genius, I beg you to contact me.  Though I have only a few dollars to spend on you, I believe we can begin something wonderful together.

Penless Paul

The End

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