Seeking Alternate Wardrobe

I am seeking alternate wardrobe, if not, alternate employment. My apparel consists of a short (too short) green tunic, with even shorter brown leather vest,  and red tights !  I am a grown woman, although on the tiny side.  I look ridiculous in tights. And shoes! They literally make my toes curl!  I work day and night making toys, and my fat old employer insists that all his jolly little elves wear the same thing. Even the men!  At least they get to wear green tights.

if you've never seen an overweight  three foot high man bend over in tights that have big runs going down the back, then you have no idea of the meaning of the word unattractive. Oh yes , the hat. The hat comes in red or green, it is pointed, with a ruff of white fake fur. There's a bell on the top. A heavy bell. Once I turned my head when One of my co workers caught their toes in the conveyor belt - again. Anyway, I whipped my head around fast, the hat flew off, and the hat put somebody's eye out. So we replaced the eye with the bell. We elves are very adaptable.

In any case, I'd be happy to keep this job if you can convince our old fat fool of an employer to let us get other clothes to wear. And I'm not talking about doll clothes either! If that isn't possible, I'd like to apply for a job in any women's clothing store.


Exasperated Elf

The End

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