Reply: Sherry


Thank you for being willing to go under the table. Knowing this, I offer a few other tidbits about me, before we embark on our first date. 

 I’ve been known to go downtown too, on occasion, often trying to hit a three of a kind at the tables.  And while they may be compromising positions, doubling down and  banging away at the slots intrigue me.  In fact, on my last trip I hit two queens in what turned out to be an embarrassingly expensive and unexpected full house.  If we play our cards right, perhaps we can be straight with each other and not flush a good relationship away.  That would be nice since I’ve crapped out of most other rolls of the dice.  Anyway, if you’ve laid off the chips and aren’t too much of a fat cat, I’m willing to go all in.

P.S. Hopefully I'm not playing too much roulette wthh the mature content here.

The End

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