Non-Crazy SWF Here

Hi. Grant. Let me start off by saying that I'm not sure if I'm right for you; I owe you an honest warning. I suppose I could have not written, but I figured, "What the heck?" and I might as well respond to your ad.

Rather than describe myself, I'll answer to your requirements first. The title of this reply is self-explanatory: I'm single, white, female, and not aware of being crazy. I was "crazy in love" once, but that didn't work out. I would like to see your band. I've found that I have a history of classical and popular music, however I've recently ventured into the fields of rock as well. What type of music does your band play? I wouldn't pass up a free concert, either way, but the genre of your songs would offer some insight about yourself. I'll get back to "drinks and good times" later.

What's next? Speaking of yourself, being able to play the piano is a good thing. My parents forced lessons upon me when I was young - okay, they offered them, and I accepted - but I didn't really have the persistence to continue past grade seven. At about the same time that I wrote my last exam, I also entered my seventh grade of school. Hours of practising on my upright just didn't mesh with hours of homework, and applications to be filled in for highschool. (I moved around a lot when I was a kid, so I had to do paperwork to apply to a cross-boundaries school, by the way.)

Earrings on a man are okay, as long as your collection isn't larger than mine. Oh, and you work in PR? (I almost missed reading that). How coincidental. I have a job at a company working in HR. We both have positions "of little initials, and big responsibility". Don't feel bad if you didn't laugh at that. It's only something my friend said to me, when I was feeling insignificant during a particularly bad period last month.


[Author takes over here]

Grant, Cecily is capable of having fun, and she can be overly laid back at times, but I think that if anyone should take charge in a relationship, it would have to be you. Cecily doesn't play head games, she can laugh and cook, and she wouldn't dream of playing head games with you no matter what stage you are at - the big catch is that she's still eighteen. I don't know your age - I don't think you've mentioned it - but I have a hunch she's too young for you.

Despite my feelings about this whole affair, Cecily wanted to write to you, so I'll relay the rest of her message, which I so rudely interrupted. Cecily is not a psycho ex-girlfriend; in fact, she was the one so rudely dumped in her previous courtship. She is not based on any of my ex-girlfriends, because I have had no girlfriends. I am straight too, and have no love life to speak of, besides. That's the reason I suggested that you may want to take the lead, because Cecily is very in-ex-per-i-enced. I hope I've made that sufficiently clear.

This is about all, and the only thing left to add is a reference to Cecily's own writing up there. Quite obviously she avoided the topics of "drinks" and "good times" because the bars where you would likely find both won't admit girls her age yet. Don't hold that against her. If you do e-mail her back, be kind to my darling creation. If you decide not to e-mail her back, well, e-mail an apology to her, at least. I'll have only bad words to say if you don't.


On behalf of Cecily (closedeyesdreaming@*******.com)

The End

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