SWM seeking non-crazy SWF

Although my author swears it is not her fault that my most recent attempt at answering a personal ad resulted in communicating with a crazy woman who I am fairly certain has control issues and stalker tendencies, I am no longer sure I trust my author to find me someone of interest. She blames that other bender, but I just do not buy it.

Anyway, I am a single white male, straight, and seeking a single white female, straight, not crazy, to come see my band, perhaps grab some drinks, and just share some good times. I play piano, enjoy a few drinks sometimes (never when driving), have an earring, and work in PR. I am looking for a woman who knows how to have some fun and is willing to be laid back or take charge as necessary. No head games. Just someone to have some laughs with, maybe make me supper, and not try to make me uncomfortable right from the beginning.

To the authors out there, especially the benders, I will not accept any women based on your psycho ex-girlfriends, no conglomerations of every woman you cannot stand. Please, be kind to a guy. I just want to have some fun, maybe find a nice girl to settle in with for a while. Redhat, we are going to have a long chat about just why you thought Kat was such a brilliant idea. Just remember, you have to live with her in your head now.

Email PianoPlayingFool@****.com (aka Grant)

The End

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