Found? Intelligent Alter-Ego

Why hello there Lazy and Bewildered,

I saw your ad and thought I would register my interest. I have spent the last 10 years as a Psychic Alter-Ego, working mainly with Derek Acorah (although I did do a few brief stint on the Poker circuit) but due to him deciding to ignore my sagely advice and cheat (i'm sure you know his sad tale) I decided to go my seperate way.

I know Intelligence is a different kettle of fish to Psy....Psy... Psychism...(?) ...well, as just proved there, i guess, but just think what I can offer:

I can give you any information from any living person's thoughts, so if someone is thinking of something intelligent, i will be able to relay it to you. The downside is that, not being too intelligent myself, i won't know if the information i give you is actualkly correct, but at least it will sound top drawer.

Here's a few intelligent thoughts people are having right now:

  • "No, Colin, you're wrong... 1+1 can equal 3, for very large numbers of 1... you stupid man. Now get back down in the cellar and.."
  • 'Einstein once told me "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction," and I said "sorry, Al, i didn't understand that, can you simplify it a bit?" '
  • "Note to self... pocket cup"

Imagine all this knowledge at your vocal-tips... you'll be the heartbeat of any party, the pulse of any intellectual debate. If you're interested, think "yes" and your address and i'll come on over.


The End

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