Wanted: Intelligent Alter-Ego

Person of...well, I shall say average intelligence, in search of an impressive and brainy alter-ego.

Preferably willing to 'come to the fore' when commanded, and does not hold ambitions to control my conciousness - no Tyler Durden characters allowed.

Mostly needed for examinations and essay-writing, but would be useful in pretty much any situation which requires eloquence and intellect.

Should boast talents in mathematics, philosophy, history, all the sciences, literature and art, preferably with the social skills of an 18th Century Parisian dandy (not essential).

This gives my brain adequate time to concentrate on more important things such as chocolate and a collation of the last four weeks of Eastenders Omnibus.

If interested in working for / sharing the body of a lazy and bewildered undergraduate call 9767754.

The End

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