Recently noticed on a bench while waiting for the bus, " kindly looking for homour" had attached a number of contact 123456789 please leave a word with jocker. At first i tought obviously a misdemeanour, a joke,but then i looked around and watched the serious faces of all of us waiting for the bus , waiting for something to happen to justifie our sad sad lifes. And i said to my self why not?!!

So armed with a phone number and some hope i placed a phone call, it turn out it was 24 hour line for adult entertainment , and by entertainment i mean....So i guess i will look for better adverts next time but today i go home(my bus has just arrived), with a smile on my face , and while a climb on board a thought crossed my mind . "You have to find some humour in the fact that the advert actually served its purpose..."

The End

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