Lost: Author

Message recorded at 4:52 pm, November 19th

*muted conversation*

What? Oh, it's recording now.

*throat clearing noises*

Yes, we... er, I would like to post a reward for the return of our... um, my author.

Would you let me speak please?

Weee... err... were... were you to come across her I would be very appreciative. I don't have much to offer as a reward since I just started... er, was about to start a new job.

What? I'm not going to offer a story as a reward, stop talking nonsense.

Anyway, I'm very concerned about her well-being, I haven't heard from her in over a month and that's just not like her. Perhaps she has just gotten busy with another, more interesting story. With characters who aren't utterly hopeless. And stupid.

I am not being a big baby, shut up.

So, yeah... I don't really have a proper description of her. She answers to Noble and Tasha and Tricia and 'Hey you with all the talent' and some other names too.

If you find her please send her back our... um, my way. Thank you.

Rob and Pad... just Rob.

Transcribed by L. Barry Card

The End

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