Lost Journal

Seeking 1 average-sized journal, slightly worn, very expensi-......cheap. Bears the words 'Burn if found' on the inside cover, and a few nearly legible swear words also. Please ignore the blood and ink stains on further pages, in fact, I would most appreciate you not reading it, because it would breach laws on international security. Yes, really.

It should be bound with a ragged, black hair-bobble, but it isn't of much importance. Those are definately not biology test cheat-sheets in the back, and the photo is of course not of the owner, but of a poor, disfigured child of about 14, with frizzy red hair and grey eyes. Some of the notes contained within most certainly do not read any of the following:

  • Don't forget to tell Mr. Davids about the scratch I made on his car.
  • If Lily asks, it wasn't me who stole her crayons, it was Steph.
  • That man in the house down the road is walking through his field with a torch again, and it's almost midnight.

If found, please return, I would be most gracious. There will be a reward of a full packet of Hula-Hoops crisps to the finder. Thankyou.

Miss Grace. (details of return below)

The End

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