The One and Only Page

A brainstorm about Protagonize that came to me as I was on the toilet. Probably not the best summary out there, but hey!

Things I like about Protagonize

  • It's green
  • If you changed the symbol a bit, it could be the Flash symbol
  • People can't interrupt you
  • The people/authors
  • You don't have any obligation and you won't really miss out on anything if you don't go on for year or two
  • It's simple/not all complex and complicated
  • Their image for 'other' for a story is an umbrella, which makes no sense. At least not to me. The same with a 'writing exercise'.
  • They make puns
    E.g. 'Addventure' (godammit man)
  • You can delete stuff (thank god)
  • The font for Protagonize reminds me of Harry Potter and I don't know why...
  • You can swear
  • There's that hello thing at the top

Things I don't like about Protagonize

  • The license stuff at the bottom
  • Sometimes it screws up, although I know it's probably because of me
  • You have to put tags on
  • You have to have a category
  • You can't have a summary for each page (I think. I might just be stupid)
  • It doesn't have that grammar check or squiggly line thing that Word does that tells you when you've screwed up (hence saving you embarassment and other such emotions)
  • When you edit your profile, you can't have a weird or made-up country that you could live in (I want to live in Atlantis (as in the "mythical" city underwater))



The End

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