Name: Alipix

Age: 1, 200 years old.

Gender: Female

 Condition: Recently updated model, including the new 'I know Kung-Fu' package and 'Bullet Time'. Comes with all original packaging. Small dent in the back of the head from being dropped off a roof. General performance not effected. 

                                           Product Overview 


The Good: Extremely prolific and imaginative writer. Creates strong, memorable and often insane characters. Can sing like Jigglypuff and make a guitar not sound like it is being tortured. Has the quietest sneeze you will ever come across.  Goes through books like a leaflet, installing the information at lightening speed. Never without a plan of some kind. Always prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse and so has an extensive knowledge of both blunt and sharp instruments and their effectiveness on the rotting heads of the undead. Stores a multitude of weapons about her person for any such incident so one can rest safe that their brains will not be stolen.  This makes her a dab hand at making really fast sandwiches before anybody comes into the kitchen.  Said sandwiches are unfailingly good, which makes her talents invaluable. Always has a spare packet of crisps.


The Bad :  Prone to sudden outbursts of violence or sleep.  Occasionally is unable to control impulsive guffaws. This usually happens late at night when everybody is sleeping. However, she comes complete with a sound absorbing cushion to mash her face into if said laughing occurs. Tends to accumulate many objects and store them about the floor so that its kind of like a pointy nest.


Starting Bid  :  One jewel encrusted elephant floating in a giant hat and a packet of Skittles.



Contact Cerebralbutterfly for more details.




The End

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