Name: Flora Eilidh M.

Age: 13, but writes so well you would barely know.

Good things about her: She a rather fast writer, with perfect grammar. Her stories are always perfect, down to the last detail. She has a trillion friends with whom she is always collaborating with. You can always trust Element to be there, jumping into roleplays and having fun! She also has good taste in colours: purple, silver, black, and dark blue.

Faults: It grieves me to say, but she herself confided, on her profile, that she has short chapter syndrome. She can't write long chapters. And she can't write romance.

Profile: http://www.protagonize.com/author/Element

Price: If you can point me to a hatchery in Canada that sells White Silkies and/or Non-Bearded White Crested Black Polish Bantam Hens, she's yours.

For more information contact GoldenLilac

The End

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